An open directory of clojure consultants.  Ordered alphabetically by last name.   Updated March 4, 2024.   Add a Consultant

Name Availability Title Links Email
Chris Blom Now Freelance Software Engineer, specialized in Clojure, Datomic, stream processing and performance. linkedIn
Arthur Caillau On Request Freelance software consultant, specializing in Clojure & Clojurescript, Functional Programming and Machine Learning linkedIn
Laurence Chen Now/On Request Clojure/ClojureScript/Datomic consultant
Julio Barros On Request Clojure/ClojureScript, Machine Learning consultant
Simon Belak On Request Clojurist & data scientist. Specialities: stream processing, compiler design, machine learning. Offering consulting & training. linkedin github
Tomáš Bílek Now Freelance Software Architect/Consultant, Clojure/ClojureScript and many more linkedIn
Dr. Nils Blum-Oeste Now / On Request Independent Software and Data Engineer   linkedIn
Vlad Bokov On Request Architect/Senior Software Developer
Boyan Bonev On Request ETL, Functional Languages & Go, Agile Methodologies, DevOps   linkedIn
Ed Bowler On Request Freelance software consultant, specializing in Clojure, with production experience since 2010. linkedIn
Daniel Braun On Request Freelance Clojure/ClojureScript Web Developer github   linkedIn
Dominik Bylica On Request Software Consultant linkedIn
Bobby Calderwood On Request Distinguished Engineer, Technology Fellows Program, Capital One; formerly Software Engineer and Datomic Community and Customer Lead, Cognitect github   twitter  linkedIn
Janet Carr On Request Software Development Consultant, Contractor, and Freelancer specializing in Clojure github    linkedIn
Ertuğrul Çetin Now / On Request Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic consultant
Daniel Compton On Request Clojure/ClojureScript Consultant   linkedIn
James Conroy-Finn On Request Experienced CTO, architect, and polyglot offering consulting and training services.   github   linkedIn
Adrian Cumiskey Now / On Request Clojure and Functional Programmer. 20+ years of experience in many business domains (finance, e-commerce, e-recruitment, e-document generation etc). linkedIn
Matthew Davidson Now Clojure/ClojureScript Performance Consultant   github   linkedIn
Joost Diepenmaat On Request Development Consultant, Product Team Coaching, Strategic Design, Clojure & ClojureScript  linkedIn
Avi Flax On Request Senior Software Architect.
William K. Foster On Request Extensive experience with Lisp, for example having worked for Symbolics. I'm confident of my ability to learn quickly and help any customers desiring it. linkedIn
Octavian Geagla Now / On Request Clojure, Distributed, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Computational Mathematics, DevOps, Datomic. Available to work on or consult on a variety of projects, from devops and automation, to high-throughput web, to decentralized and "blockchain", to machine learning and scientific projects where my background in numerical analysis may be leveraged github  linkedIn
Daniel Glauser Now/On Request CTO on Demand, Software Architect, Consultant, Clojure/ClojureScript
David Goldfarb Now, Part-time Remote I am a developer/architect. I started in Lisp as an early employee at Symbolics in 1981 and remained active in Common Lisp through the early 90's. Then, C, C++, Java, mobile devices, etc. Finally, back to Lisp by working intermittently in Clojure for the past five years.   github   linkedIn
David Greenberg On Request Distributed Systems Architect
Alexandru Gherega Now Computer Scientist with a drive in Functional Programming and 7+years of Clojure experience. Active focusing on AI/Machine Learning. linkedIn  github
Jérémie Grodziski Now / On request Software designer and developer with a strong focus on value and simplicity (20 years of exp. with Java spec. in Domain-Driven Design, Clojure/ClojureScript, DevOps)
Hitesh Jasani Now / On Request Clojure developer with experience in distributed systems, ETL pipelines, security and re-frame/reagent web apps. github   linkedIn
Robert Herrmann Now
Boston / Remote
Clojure/ClojureScript Developer linkedIn   slack
Chris Howe-Jones On Request Technical Navigator, Clojure/Clojurescript developer and architect. Co-organiser of London Clojurians and ClojureBridge    linkedIn
Jonathan Irving On Request Freelance software person, specializing in Clojure
Ikuru Kanuma On Request Clojure/ClojureScript Developer linkedIn
David Y. Kay Summer 2017 Re-frame Specialist
Jiri Knesl Now SW dev with 23 years of experience (5 in Clojure), interested in Functional Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud. Have connection to couple of other Clojure devs, can handle bigger projects. linkedIn
Mihael Konjevic Now ClojureScript Developer / Lead developer on Keechma Framework keechma    linkedIn    github
Konrad Kühne On Request Distributed Information Systems Architect, Clojure developer, Project Manager    linkedIn
Dave Liepmann On Request Freelance software consultant, specializing in Clojure   linkedIn
David Liman Now Clojure consultant. Over 15 years of industry experience. Know Erlang, Go, Javascript. Deep experience with Postgres, AWS, etc github linkedIn
Martynas Maciulevičius Now Software Consultant
Juraj Martinka On Request Curious Clojure Programmer with long-time experience in server-side Java programming and distributed systems.   linkedIn
Chris McCormick Now ClojureScript freelancer, fractional CTO. I've built software for 40+ companies over a few decades. github
Daniel Michulke On Request Clojure Consultant, Data Scientist   linkedIn
Wout Neirynck On Request Full-stack developer with 17 years of experience (C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Clojure). Working with Clojure for the past 4 years now, with several applications running in production. Using ClojureScript/Re-Frame for front-end webapps. Founder of DN custom software company (since 2004)
Ryan Neufeld On Request Developer/Educator Clojure/Docker  clojureremote
Kevin Noonan 10th Dec 2018 20 years of industry experience. 7 talks on Clojure at conferences & events since 2010. Spent most of 2017 developing a new product in Clojure, which has been bought by some of the top-20 US banks. Experience with Clara Rules engine, Amazon Web Services in Clojure, mocking & testing Clojure systems and creating API clients. About Kevin @kevin_noonan   linkedIn
Joseph Parker On Request Creative coder - Clojure(JVM/CLR/JS), js, C#, python. Web interface design and development (, reagent), 3D+VR (Unity/WebGL), algorithm implementation.     github
Evgenii Pakhomov Now / On Request Clojure consultant and developer
Matthew Ratzke / Degree9 Now / On Request DevOps / ClojureScript Consultant  @degree9io    github
James Reeves On Request Clojure/ClojureScript Consultant
Wes Richardet On Request Clojure/ClojureScript Senior Software Architect github linkedIn twitter
Arnout Roemers On Request Clojure and Java specialist
Pradnyesh Sawant On Request Experienced architect offering consulting and training services in clojure/clojurescript; also open for remote full/part time position github   linkedIn
Roman Scherer On Request Clojure / ClojureScript / PostgreSQL / GraphQL github
Yehonathan Sharvit Now Clojure[script] expert with 15 years of dev, 5 years of Clojure, Author of Klipse viebel   linkedIn  
Micah Smith On Request Previous founder/CTO 15+ years of experience linkedIn  
Petrus Theron Immediate BEng Electronic Engineer w/Comp. Sci consulting on Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic   github
Mike Travers On Request Architect, Clojure/Clojurescript engineer, data scientist, visualization, scientific and medical informatics
Raghu Sk On Request Clojure / Clojurescript full stack
Robert Stuttaford On Request Clojure / Datomic / CTO consultant   @RobStuttaford
Kenneth Tilton Now Title: Senior software architect. Common Lisp, Clojure/CLJS, Javascript. UI/UX specialist. 30+ years consulting and start-ups. github    blogspot   codepen    linkedIn
Torsten Uhlmann Now Freelance Clojure/Clojurescript, Scala, Typescript Full Stack Developer, 20+ years professional experience, 8+ years Scala and functional programming in different domains.   github   linkedIn
Tom Vaughan Now / On Request Backend specialist. Scalable and fault-tolerant systems. Rest and GraphQL APIs. Databases incl. Datomic. linkedIn
Valentin Waeselynck Now Software engineer, available for consulting and training. Specialized in Clojure(Script) and Datomic. Author of scope-capture and the REPL guide.  github  linkedIn  @val_waeselynck
Timothy Washington On Request Senior Software Developer , Functional Programming, Cloud & Distributed Systems, Machine Learning
Kenny Williams Now / On Request Software consultant w/ 10+ yrs exp, Clojure(Script), all things cloud (esp. AWS), Datomic, product-minded & data-oriented linkedIn  github  twitter
Krzysztof Władyka On Request Clojure and ClojureScript Developer and DevOps specialist with strong business experience (see linkedin)
Stanislav Yurin Say hello! One stop Clojure/ClojureScript/Datomic/AWS architects